Nature has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for fine-art creativity. If you are feeling an art-block, why not pack your art utensils and make a trekking trip to UP Base Camp in Dai Binh Mountain where you can find a new outlet for your aesthetic flow?

At UP Base Camp, clouds are bountiful and versatile. Sometimes they are as vague as smoke, sometimes as thick as white spongy cotton. sometimes as distant as the horizon, and sometimes they are so near that you feel as if you can use your brush to put the finishing touches on the masterpiece of nature.

From Up Base Camp, you can enjoy the panorama view of tea and coffee hills spreading beneath, dotted with beautiful wildflowers and plain wooden houses. Now and then, some ethnic people pass by, greeting you with their bright smiles that light up their weather-beaten dark faces.

When the dark falls, you will be treated with the stunning view of Bao Loc town twinkling with a myriad of lights. Sitting by the warm fire in a chilly mountain night, next to a steaming pot of fish porridge and aromatic and colourful spices displayed on brown bamboo mats like an artist’s colour palette, would be an unforgettable experience.

A trip to Up Base Camp will give you some shots of inspiration that can unlock your creativity for a satisfactory art-work.